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"Snow!" the national capital Yanqing deepest snow break 10 centimeters

Date: 2015-11-07

New Beijing net November 6 (reporter had light) "snow" formally landing. , reported the Beijing meteorological bureau 6, most areas in the city has now snow, snow depth of 0.2 ~ 10.5 centimeters, maximum snow depth in yanqing to the top of the Buddha, to 10.5 cm. Yanqing is one of the main venue of the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, such as alpine skiing project will settle on this.
Officially winter in Beijing on October 29, the snow girl reported early this year. The Beijing meteorological bureau near 6 noon news, confirm that this phenomenon has reached the first snow snow criteria, perennial appear first snow than Beijing time on November 29, more than 20 days in advance.
According to the first snow in Beijing standard, when the city's 20 more than 10 sites observed in artificial station have snow phenomenon; Or 5 station were observed with snow city phenomenon; Or city 5 stand of 3 or more sites have observed phenomenon of snow, and at least one station snowfall acuity 0.1 mm, to the snow as the first snow.
5 at night, the snow has gone with the wind to yanqing. Situated in northern Beijing yanqing, is one of the main venue of the 2022 winter Olympics, alpine skiing, snow, sled project will settle on this. 10, according to data from 5 to 6, 08, the average rainfall of 12.2 mm, maximum precipitation in yanqing west dasso, 28.1 mm; As of 6, 10, this city has appeared in many parts of the snow, snow depth of 0.2 ~ 10.5 cm, maximum snow depth in yanqing to the top of the Buddha, to 10.5 cm.
The Beijing meteorological bureau forecast, this city has a heavy snow during the day today to turn light snow, most parts of the total rainfall of 4 ~ 8 mm; The city at night sleet or snow. 9 is expected after the temperature began to pick up.
Snow also brought fresh air. Beijing environmental monitoring center, according to data from the snow is advantageous to the fog haze weather lift, air pollution diffusion condition better, the city within the scope of PM2.5 concentrations between 13-20 micrograms per cubic meter, air quality. (after)