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The 265 - year - old belvedere jingshan yee fully opened for the first time

Date: 2015-11-07

This morning, for the first time, the 265 - year - old belvedere jingshan yee citizens free fully open, 23 pieces of precious cultural relics, hundred photos, information, interpret the jingshan 200 years of history.
Yee tower located in jingshan park south gate, the site of the Ming dynasty called "mountain QianDian". Emperor qing emperor kangxi years, often in the mountains around Beijing QianDian banquets ChaoHe officials and tribal chiefs, minister, etc. Qing qianlong fifteen years, the emperor ordered the demolition of the Ming dynasty temple, on the basis of the site to build the tower. Yee watchtower built around the mountain, sits, is divided into two floors up and down, in the building was to worship of Confucius memorial tablet, and to the qing dynasty official school students worship Confucius do no such thing.
Yee tower in 1950, 1966, 1973, 1998, and with several large repair, except as a short-term temporary exhibition room, never foreign open for a long time.
Tower in Ithaca fully open, and at the same time, the jingshan historical culture exhibition "is carried out in here. Exhibition with time as the main line, with the history, architecture, culture of jingshan, with 52 precious historical pictures, 50 elegant hand-painted XianMiaoTu, 23 pieces, 6 of this literature, 2 films, telling visitors jingshan park unique existence value and The Times change.
Tower exhibits, yee is used before, and the location of the axis of the south gate square, on the central axis of Beijing YongDingMen, qianmen, tiananmen square, the hall of supreme harmony of the imperial palace, jingshan, gates, bell tower, drum tower, such as hand plot of the main building, production of the main building in old Beijing central axis, copper corrosion landmarks, length of 14.63 meters, visitors can get into the door on their own, do not need too much explanation, "jingshan" an excellent location and special identity that one pivot point can be clear at a glance.
Exhibition is on display for the first time the park in the construction of the cultural relics found in the process of each period, such as Wan Chunting treasure house roof, guandi temple tiles, old Howard flagpole base, wall brick and stone at column, channel leakage stone coupons face a total of 23. Every pieces is the testimony of history, the visitors can see clearly the details of the cutter and the ring of the decorative chisel. Especially on original Wan Chunting treasure top, for the 2007 repair 27 Wan Chunting found some damage and get off, save up to now, she is at the top of the Beijing central axis. (source: Beijing evening news reporter: Long Lou)