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Wl "Broadway" rescue the memory

Date: 2015-11-07

This "Broadway", not "Broadway", said the city, in the flower park built specifically for the centenarians living museum, inside collect the old people's biography, video, photo album, all kinds of physical objects, such as "profile".
People, is the carrier of urban memory is best. One hundred years of Beijing and China has the profound change, are concentrated in the ups and downs in the old people's life. Museum plans to officially opened next month, to this special museum, can feel "the wisdom with time".
Volunteers came to company's biography
Centenarians museum in west side club committee investigation of the old man. As contact with old people is becoming more and more thorough, the staff realized that their life story just reflect the state of a century, and is worth for later generations to finish, is let more people know.
Xicheng district has 128 centenarians, "rescue" memory, which start from them. Last year, west side club committee launched the "centenarians oral history" project, from their memories of mining large memory "of the" little guy.
Countless volunteers and social enterprise the door of centenarians to visit, with voluntary services, etc. After consent, for the old man 'oral life, took photos of theme tailored "private archives", combing refining centenarians life important growing experience and comprehension of life.
Today, the volunteers have been successively for 30 old man made, including biographies, video, photo album, "profile". "Interview, collection work continues to tighten, as far as possible to leave for more information." Chief says, there are a lot of the old man, because the body, had to quit. Migrating south southwest invaluable Yang Qiyuan old man, for example, failed to form a complete biography, unfortunately.
The first display the nine old file
Located in Bai Zhifang tung flower park of centenarians in the museum, the staff is to open next month making final debugging. The museum has video zone, theme pavilion, characteristic, interactive area.
The first group of nine "profile" centenarians are for exhibition. Through the "file", a magnificent modern folk presented itself.
As a chef left part of the old man, in zhang xueliang palace cooking, hear after the events in huanggu chariot rumbled a banquet in addition to the rape; Nankai graduates Yang Qiyuan old man, two months, a long journey on foot, 1300 kilometers southwest from changsha witnessed the 1938 flying to kunming hardships; In 1937 graduated from tangshan jiaotong university civil engineering professional graduates of bridge Tan Yinhong, worked for the flying tigers to build airports in the United States, also had to stop the Japanese transport, to blow up service road border zhenkang county in yunnan province.
As a doctor in the red army long march team yellow on, after the founding of the people first in the country to establish provincial health epidemic prevention station, laid a solid foundation for prevention and control of schistosomiasis and other endemic diseases; In 1934, graduated from national central university machinery manufacturing professional Wang Guang valve, sunk Arsenal in the war of resistance, make delivery for frontline soldiers weapons, as the engineer after the founding of the first generation of weapons, continue to spare no effort to their country.
There are some seemingly ordinary, but it's also worth future generations of the old man, such as: after the founding of the first batch of one of the community workers Ma Zhuying old man; In the war of resistance to adopt more than take care of the orphans gui-xiang zhao old man; Growth Yu Xiangshan kind young school, deeply Xiong Xiling, hu shi, li dazhao, chang po-ling effect, and the one who take a lifetime to love Guo Zhenhe old man, and so on.
Participate in oral history records old man volunteers wei-hua Yang, said the old man's life is like a thick history book, legend there are ups and downs in light years. And the old man talking, as if nearly hundred years of history in sight, their stories, benefit to the younger generation. (source: Beijing daily reporter: 巩峥)