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QiNianDian do chrysanthemum show for the first time in 60 years

Date: 2015-11-07

Red, blue tile, qiu ju, the day before the opening of the temple of heaven park chrysanthemum show for the first time in QiNianDian, more than 500 kinds of chrysanthemum blooms, decoration, thus it is the past 60 years, first in QiNianDian chrysanthemum exhibition.
Enter QiNianDian south gate, at two large tower stands door of praying, layer upon layer around the purple flower, nearly 4 m tall, towering spectacular. According to introducing, tower chrysanthemum is a unique art form of chrysanthemum cultivation, with plant height, stem stout, fast-growing artemisinin for stocks, in its collateral branches grafting of chrysanthemum, the topmost decorating through, let chrysanthemum present tower for people to watch. One tower chrysanthemum need after several rounds of grafting and complex management, usually to 3 meters long is hard.
The temple of heaven cultivated chrysanthemum the earliest can be traced back to Ming dynasty. Cultivating chrysanthemum from 1954, has been more than 60 years of history, this is the first time in 60 years chrysanthemum show in QiNianDian hospital, the goal is to make more tourists at home and abroad understand chrysanthemum history of the temple of heaven. At present, the south ZhuanMen QiNianDian within set up four chrysanthemum exhibition tent, there are thousands of basin alone this chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, bulls, cliffs, chrysanthemum and so on, more than 500 kinds of varieties. The exhibition will continue to November 21. (source: Beijing daily reporter: Yuan Jing)